Monday, 18 April 2011

Fondant Fancies

Ooooo Fancy! These are tasty little cakes with marzipan, buttercream and a fondant covering. I wasn't too sure about these, they looked like a lot of work but yet again, they were really delicious. Bake a cake, cover with marzipan, cut and fill with buttercream and then cut and cover with a really messy icing. They do take some time because after each stage you have to put them in the fridge. I had some royal icing left over from Zoe's cake so I used that on the top. Anyone with the book will have the original picture to compare them to, be warned these are not as dainty as the picture would suggest. I used the right sized tin and they were huge things! They are about 4 times the size of a french fancy by Kipling. Worth every bite though!

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