Sunday, 30 October 2011


When it comes to Lasagne I think everyone has a favourite recipe. Whether its a cook from scratch each time, or buy the jars of sauce or even ready made stick it in the oven. When it comes to lasagne you know what you like. In our house it's made from left over bolognaise sauce and home made cheese sauce. I very very rarely make a mince sauce especially for lasagne.

So this one was completely from scratch, it has a lot more ingredients than mine and a few missing. It has added pancetta (ours was smoked, don't make the same mistake it's all we could taste!!) and there is no cheese in the white sauce. Her white sauce (as I will now call it) was much easier to make than my normal way, melt butter, add flour stir in milk a little at a time. The difference was that she takes hers off the heat and you get fewer lumps and you feel slightly more in control, added bonus don't need to grate any cheese in a last minute panic.

It did taste really good and I think if we'd had the unsmoked pancetta it would have been better. The children didn't like it, I think it was a bit rich. If I was making lasagne especially then I would probably use this recipe again.

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